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The Barcenas Nightmare

Nightmare for the Partido Popular, that is, because this said gentleman was a conservative member of the Spanish Senate and the treasurer for the party on a national level – corruption investigations have unearthed that besides being a prime suspect in the Gürtel scandal, he also stashed away 22m euros in Switzerland.

Town Hall Earthquake

The Mayor of Almuñécar, Trinidad herrera (PP), sent out a press release from the Mayor’s Office lamenting the accusations made by four dismissed town-hall staff; Ibarreche Truchero, Roldán Fontana, González Pavesio and Rodríguez Passolas. They have accused her of carrying out repraissals against them…

My Tailor is Rich

Francisco Camps, the handsome, suave ex-president of Valencia, resigned a few months ago from office in order to face down charges that he had accepted several expensive suits as gifts. In turn, one supposes, the free suits guaranteed someone or someone’s certain favourable treatment.

Food or Morals?

‘Food is the first thing, morals follow on’ is a famous quote from the song What Keeps Mankind Alive from Bertold Brecht’s Three Penny Opera. Maybe this is an appropriate phrase for a Boxing Day afternoon reflecting on the opulent Christmas dinner or a loose interpretation of the Pope’s Christmas message asking for more consciousness from a satisfied and saturated society.

Suspicious Winnings

The Mayor of Manises, in the autonomous region of Valencia, who is already indicted in a corruption case, has now raised eyebrows by wining the Second Prize in the Christmas Lottery. Consequently, the judge in charge of the corruption case has demanded that he presents the winning ticket.

Police Station Chaos in Andújar

On the 14th of September 2009, the Policia Nacional in Andújar received a new boss, Jose Mariano Olivares. The Chief of the provincial headquarters had personally appointed him, which raised more than a few eyebrows.

Chavez Against the Ropes

Manuel Chavez, the current third vice-president to Prime Minister Zapatero, and former First Minister of the Junta de Andalucía (you know, those people in the sky with their eye on you) is in trouble with Andalucian Supreme Court.

Dopey Cops?

An old refrain has it that the cops have the best dope, which the following news only serves to confirm: the chief anti-drug officer for the Guardia Civil in Malaga has been arrested for drug trafficking.