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There is a tremendous battle going on between the judicial power and the Government over the investigation and prosecution of the omnipresent corruption in the Body Political.

The judges who are battling the startling cases of corruption within the governing party, who are not only matching their wits against the corrupt and corruptors, but also the Government, which is apparently using the politically appointed Public Prosecutors, but also the Ministry of Justice to trip up the judicial investigations.

To give an example, a judge had to authorise the bugging of a politician’s office, because somebody in the Government had allegedly, tipped the person off that his telephones were tapped and to be careful when he used them.

For legal reasons the qualifying adjective ‘alleged’ must be applied although even to the most obtuse, there is very little alleged about it, perhaps.

We have Public Prosecutors selected to the liking of the accused; one that had already shelved a case against urban corruption in Madrid in 2009, which was later picked up by an independent-minded judge, reopened and is now causing yet another blow-back for the governing conservative government.

We have a Prime Minister that sent reassuring SMS’s to his ex-Party Treasurer, languishing in jail, saying that he was “doing all he could,” and who did not resign. And today we have a Minister of Justice that has basically done the same to another top party member in prison, reassuring him, more or less the same.

But that is not the really worrying aspect of what is going on in our host country; the problem is two fold: party supporters amongst the voting public who, despite all evidence that points to the complete unsuitability of their voting choice, and who will vote PP regardless, together with the unstoppable divorce between the general public and the political class.

The Spanish have seen that the judicial system is in the pocket of the political class via the politically appointed Public Prosecutors. They have seen that politicians will not resign – the case of the Prime Minister is a case in point – no matter how scandalous their behaviour is.

What is the alternative? They have seen that the alternative parties (PSOE/Ciudadanos) support the rotting but functioning corpse of the PP, either because the Government is holding a pistol to their heads (PSOE) with the threat of new elections that the PP will certainly win because PP voters vote PP, no matter what and because the left wing is divided, or because a new general election would make them irrelevant (Ciudadanos).

And all the time, Podemos, a dangerous leap into the unknown who represent a radical left, is waiting to pick up the votes from the failed social democracy (socialism) that has swept Europe, reap the disgust generated by a corrupt-to-the-gunwales governing party, and drag the country from the relative stability of moderate governance.

The PP’s plight is reminescent of the images of the Hindenburg going up in flames on the docking mast… or is it – will the PP voters hold their noses, close their eyes and ears and put them back in power if there is another general election. If they do, who really is responsible for the corruption that wracks the country?

(News/Opinion: Spain)

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