Corruption in Spain

SPN Corruption OnLWe all know corruption is rife, but a recent report drawn up by a judiciary body states that on average, three people a day are tried for it.

The report examined 18 months of court records between the 1st of July, 2015 and the 30t of September, 2016; in other words, a total of 457 days and found that 1,378 people – mostly politicians or civil servants – had passed through the courts on charges of corruption.

Of these 1,378 people, 1,060 were men and 318 were women, which is more a reflection on a predominance of men in positions of responsibility rather than a gender inclination, perhaps.

So, where is corruption most rife? Well, in Cataluña, followed by Andalucia and then Valencia. On the other end of the scale is Navarra, where not one case of corruption was brought before the court in the period examined.

As for convictions, of the 99 sentences issued, 72 were condemnatory. On the other hand. the fact that only 99 cases were actually brought to conclusion is indicative of how slow the Spanish legal system is.

Many feel that the Government in office, be they of whatever political colour, prefer to keep the judiciary sector undermanned and underfunded.

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