Corruption Prime Concern for Majority of Spaniards

SPN Corruption Concern OnLSix out of every ten Spaniards consider that corruption is the main problem that the country has.

But it has not always been so, because only five years ago, in 2009 only 0.4% of Spaniards thought this way, compared with today’s 63.8%. In fact, the percentage has risen by 20% just since October.

There has always been corruption amongst the political class of Spain – many readers will remember the last Felipe González cabinets (administrations), with their long litany of cases of corruption (Roldán, Filesa, Ibercorp etc) yet, only 33% of the nation consider corruption as the top cause of concern.

Then with the arrival of José María Aznar, who had campaigned on corruption being synonymous with socialism and promises that his party had too much sense of honour to ever sin in this field, public concern dissipated.

But it was short lived because cases of corruption amongst the conservative files began to appear, such as El Caso Gürtel in 2009, which is still ongoing. Then the at the end of 2012, beginning of 2013 Luis Bárcenas and the alleged Partido Popular‘s cooked party books; illegal financing, slush funds, and bribes, concern began to grow again, reaching today’s levels.

But it is not only politicians but also work unions and even the Royal House through the King’s sister in the El Caso Noos scandal that has stoked the fires of indignation.

The Government and main opposition party must take drastic action to restore public confidence in the political class, but they continue to bicker between themselves, mutually accusing the other of being more corrupt.

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