PP Wins Motril Mayoralty?

MOT Mayor & ex OnLUnless there are major surprises the PP candidate for Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro will be sworn in as Mayor of Motril on Saturday morning.

This morning, in anticipation, she and her coalition partners, will give a press conference in the Hotel Playa Granada Club Resort, explaining the details of the tripartite agreement.

Her eight council seats will be joined by three from Más Motril and two from Ciudadanos giving them the necessary absolute majority and the Mayoralty for Sra. García Chamorro.

It took 18 days to beat out a workable agreement: first on board was Ciudadanos; a close ally of the PP all across Spain but they were still short. Andalusia por Sí told them ‘no way,’ so they turned to Antonio Escámez from Más Motril, who agreed.

Now, what exactly has been agreed; i.e., who gets what, will probably take a while to come out.

Editorial comment: If there is one thing that the PP and PSOE have learnt in Motril, is that you can’t count on Antonio Escámez (Más Motril), it seems. In the 2015 elections he was all smiles and hugs with the PP candidate, Sra Garcia Chamorro, then promptly voted for her rival, Flor Almón. Now, four years later the same has happened but in reverse.

So, what changed for Mr Escámez? He has been the coalition partner of the socialists for four long years, occupying the juicy post of Councillor for Urban Development and suddenly, he skips over to the conservatives, whom he had previously deserted in 2015 because he had wanted the head of a the Mayor’s right-hand man, and she had refused to sacrifice him.


Update 10.53h: And surprises there have been because the press conference has been cancelled and the pact is still up in the air.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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