AxSí Shows The Way

MOT Marie ClaireIt’s nice to see that a political party makes the effort to remove all the election posters, etc, the day after election day.

In this case, it was Andalucía Por Sí in Motril. Party candidate for Mayor, David Martín, announced that they had already removed 95% of all their posters from around Motril folloiwng last Sunday’s Regional Elections.

All of the posters were collected up and deposited in the paper & cardboard rubbish hoppers and the plastic tie-offs handed over to a company that specialises in recycling plastic.

Enhorabuena, AxSí, for not only promoting the concept of protecting the environment but also for practicing what they preach. Most other parties are happy to leave them on walls or suspended over streets, letting them disintegrate with the passage of time.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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