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Drug Bust

A Frenchman living in Motril was sentenced to three years in jail after being caught with 21 kilos of hash…car.

Connected, At Last?

ALM A-7 Taramay

Yes, we’ve all heard it before – several times, but the latest word from the sources within the construction company is that the autovía will reach Almuñécar’s Taramay during this month, or by the beginning of the next by the latest. “A question of weeks,” they said, on the 20th of April.

Iguana Playa, Almuñécar

The lads at Iguana Playa (Taramay, Almuñécar) tell us that they will be opening everyday, instead of closing Mondays, from the beginning of June on.

Judith Reason Exhibition!

Let May be the month of art! Another not to miss exhibition opening on the 9th will be the fabulous Judith Reason, showcasing a selection of her paintings and sculptures in Carmar gallery in Almuñécar.

Pavement peril

Council workmen appeared outside the Bar Bikini, which is near Dave & Lauras’ Spar shop, and proceeded to dig up the pavement and in doing so, cutting off access to the bar! The licensee requested that they only dug up half of the pavement to allow at least some access to the bar.

Pending insolvency averted

Going back to the Mayor’s announcement of pending insolvency last month, on the 7th of April he announced that the situation had been averted and that the salaries were now guaranteed. The 16 days of suspense were over.

Illuminating the rock…

Good news: there is new lighting on El Peñon del Santo, more commonly known as the cross on the rock.
Although the rock has been illuminated before, it had fallen into disrepair and the work on the new lighting system took so long that some of the new installations deteriorated and broke before the whole was completed. The job fell to the Granada company, Montajes Electricos Mañas about two years ago with a budget of 88,000 euros.