New, Shiny Fire Engine for Almuñécar

The Chairwoman for the Provincial Consortium of Fire Brigades handed over the keys for a new fire engine for the Almuñécar Fire Service (Servicio de Bomberos). The Mayor, Trinidad Herrera didn’t lose the opportunity to jump into the cab for a photo opportunity.

The place chosen to show off the beast was in the Town Hall Square, not only as a very central viewing area, but because the location emphasizes the reason behind the widening of the street leading down to it from the church; i.e., easy access to emergency vehicles. Damned clever PR move!

Well, the new wagon will certainly come in handy this summer, because the population easily quadruples with the influx of holiday makers.

it was a political event, though, with the opportunity taken to criticise the socialist-run Regional Government and praise the conservative-run Provincial Council… *Sigh!*

Getting back to the water-spewing beast, it’s of the 4×4 variety, so it is capable of tackling rural and well as urban fires. It holds 3,000 litres of water and 250 litres of foam. It also comes with cutting tools for dealing with car accidents, as well as a portable generator and lamps. The vehicle cost almost a quarter of a million euros (240,000), being financed through the aforementioned consortium and the UNESPA Funds.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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