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The Spanish Wing Walker

Olga Pérez Antúnez is the first and only Spanish wing walker – something that was all the craze in the US during the 1920s & 30s. She has been doing it since 2013 and will be present at the Motril Air Show.

Solo Türk

The Turkish Air Force will be supplying a single-aircraft, aerobatic, demonstration team for the Motril Air Show in June.

Motril Air Show 2023

The Motril Air Show is only a few months away and already display teams are confirming their participation in the province’s most popular air display.

Motril Air Show 2022

The XVI Festival Aéreo Internacional de Motril is not far away – just 58 days; ié. on the 19th of June, putting Motril on the map once again.

Motril Air Show 2018

A helicopter display team, a parachute display team, a wing walking woman, a Eurofighter, a large water bomber plus aerobatics galore at this year’s Motril Air Show!