The Torre del Mar Air Show

AXA Torre del Mar Airshow MainDid you enjoy the Motril Air Show? Getting withdrawal symptoms? Fear not because Torre de Mar is holding an air show starting today!

The Festival Aéreo Internacional Air Show III expects to attracted 300,000 spectators on the actual day of the air show, this Sunday.

With over 40 aircraft participating from four different countries: Spain, Switzerland, Italy and the UK. There will be classic aircraft (biplanes), ones designed specifically for aerobatics and a don’t-blink-less-you-miss-it Eurofighter belonging to the Spanish Air Force. Unfortunately, the scheduled participation of a Belgian F-16 has been cancelled.

You’ve also got the Spanish Air Force parachute display team and the Blu Circe display team (Italy)

OK both Friday and Saturday are ‘training days’ for the big day on Sunday, although Saturday evening will see a Sunset Show by the British Aerosparx Display Team.

Friday: rehearsals
12.15h-13.00h: Patrulla Águila.
15.00h: Eurofighter.
16.15h: Patrulla Suiza.
17.00h: Jacob 52.
17.30h: Aerosparx.

Saturday – rehearsals
Owing to heavy air traffic at Málaga Airport, the order in which aircraft arrive cannot be foreseen but it starts at 11.00h and finishes at 14.30h.Participating acts are: Patrulla Plus Ultra, Vampir, Bücker, Blu Circe and The Real Aeroclub de Málaga. Then in the evening, at 22.15h Aeroparx will be rehearsing their Sunset Show.

Sunday’s the actual day of the air display: See chart below.

AXA Torre del Mar Airshow Times

So, where is the best place to see it? Basically anywhere on the main beach is good, although the centre of the beach, next to Chiringuito Hermanos Moreno, is the prime viewing spot – fat chance of getting that, right? There’s also the esplanade next to Camping Laguna Playa or near the palmtrees near Marisquería Mani.

Finally, if your eyes have begun bleeding from trying to read the ridiculously small letters on the Sunday timetable, then you can visit the air show’s official website for more info.

(News: Torre del Mar, Axarquia, Costa del Sol, Malaga, Andalucia)

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