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Gelibra Lane Unfinished?

Joaquín Mingorance Romero,who is the chairman of the Asociación de Vecinos de Gelibra, (Almuñécar) has made a written complaint to the Town Hall, expressing his rejection of the Council’s response to a request made in September 2011 for the work on the access lane to Gelibra to be completed; i.e., tarmacked, etc.

El Cerval Access Tarmacked

Locals from Pago de Río Jate and El Cerval are having their access lane tarmacked from end to end (sounds painful, admittedly), according to Rural-Area Coordinator, Francisco Alba. This is thanks to funds from the Junta de Andalucia, belonging to the Encamina2 programme, which also included the tarmacking of the Los Mateos access lane.