A satirical take on Spanish national news

Stand-Up Stan’s View – Just a Bit of Fun!

Rajoy has dyed hair on top and a grey beard, so the top of his head is 35 years old, while his chin is at least 72 years old.
Rubalcaba is completely bald with a grey beard and therefore looks like his head is on upside-down.
Winner = Painted Roof. Loser = Mr. Potato Head.
It was so much simpler when you only had to think of Mr. Bean and you immediately had an image of the Spanish Prime Minister.

The Expatriate Voting Case

James Preston’s expat voting rights case against the British government was heard in the High Court in London on the 8th November, and final judgement is currently awaited.

ETA Announces End of Armed Conflict

The Basque terrorist organistation, ETA, which is responsible for over 800 deaths since its beginnings in the late 1960’s, has announced that it has definitely put aside armed conflict; i.e., there will be no more bombings and assassinations.

More Spanish News Articles

Five articles from the National News section of the Seaside Gazette in the October Edition. We have already published five this month, and will be publishing a further five in the coming days.

Preserving Culture or Justifying Barbarity?

What happens in Tordesillas, in Castilla Leon, isn’t a tradition bullfight as it doesn’t have all the normal strappings – it’s just a case of a dozen or so riders or men on foot attempting to spear a bull.

Spanish National News

Holiday from Hell
A young British man was stabbed twice, in the abdomen and his leg, in circumstances so far unclear. The stabbing happened near a bar in Ibiza in the wee hours of the morning, and it was the young man himself who managed to find an ambulance in the area that took him swiftly to a local private hospital. Although his condition is listed as critical, he is responding favourably to treatment.