Alti Plano

News from the north-east of Granada (Alti-plano): Baza & Guadix

Guardia Civil Sergeant Beaten

Three of the seven people that attacked a Guardia Civil sergeant in the pensioners’ club in Montejícar have been arrested, whilst the the other four; three women and a minor have been released pending trial.

Loaded and Bunged

The Guardia Civil must have been breaking out the farting cushions and party hats after this fruitful bust. They just happened to stop two Moroccan gentleman at a routine checkpoint. Not unnaturally, they appeared to be very nervous…

Months Chained Up

(North-West Granada) A dog owner in Huescar has been fined for leaving his dog chained up in a stable for several months, with hardly any room to move. When the police took the dog’s chain off, the fur was worn off exposing bleeding skin. Furthermore, the dog was starving.

Priest Preys on Pigeons?

The ecologist movement, Ecologistas en Accion, has reported the parish priest of Puebla de Don Fadrique for ‘taking out pigeons’ with a pellet gun… The said priest, Father Juan Luis Garcia Rodriguez, admits to killing a couple and turning them into broth, but not with a pellet gun.

Pesticide in Drinking Water?

The new conservative administration in charge at the Diputacion de Granada (provincial council) has denounced that the domestic water supply of three towns in the province contained pesticide during a whole year.

Dangerous Brick

In the old days, los cortijeros would build their homes with anything to hand – even with unexploded, civil-war shells, it would seem.

Helicopter Crash Update

The two, major, national worker’s unions, UGT and CCOO consider that it is more than likely that the cause of the accident involving a Augusta Bell 412 helicopter in the Barranco de la Farsaílla, near Quentar in Granada, was a mechanical failure.

At Least Two Dead in Helicopter Crash

At least two people are dead following a helicopter crash, this morning, in the area known as La Fuente de la Gitana, which is in the Granada province between Tocón de Quéntar and La Peza. It also appears there are several people injured.

Mysterious Death & Arson

The Guardia Civil in Guadix are investigating the case of a dead farm worker, found with a shotgun wound to the face. At the scene of the crime there were also a dozen burnt out farm vehicles.