DGT Fine Warning Scam

The Guardia Civil (DGT) have issued a warning about a SMS scam supposedly warning drivers about an unpaid traffic fine that is accruing interest.

Should you be so incautious as to click on the link, you’ll be redirected to a bogus webpage where they will ask you for your personal and bank details.

If you do receive one, then block the phone number that it came from, or simply bin it without opening it, as the DGT does not contact drivers in this manner.

If you did open it, clicked on the link and handed over your personal number, and some people will have, take a screen shot on your phone of the SMS and keep any evidence that you have of the exchange.

Secondly, if you handed over your bank account info, contact your bank so that they can take the necessary measures to stop your account being plundered.

Editorial comment: personally, I have received this bogus DGT SMS about six times, but I don’t even open them, let alone click on the link contained.

(News: Spain)

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