Driver Dies on Molvízar Road

The emergency call centre received an alert in the early hours of this morning to call in an accident next to the gasolinera at the entrance to Mólvizar.

The accident, which involved a car with only one occupant, was reported at 04.15h via 061 which is the medical-emergency number.

They despatched the Motril fire service and the Guardia Civil as an ambulance had already been sent. The fire service were needed to cut the victim from the wreckage.

Unfortunately, this is the only information available at this time, but just up from the gasolinera and at the first Molvízar junction, there is a very sharp, and downward bend on the Ítrabo branch of the junction.

Editorial comment: If anybody who lives in Mólvizar can clarify better where the accident took place, because the 112 report only speaks of it being near a gasolinera on the said road.

(News: Mólvizar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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