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Camper-Van Scam

By Hugh MacArthur

A recent police operation concerning a camper-van scam resulted in the recovery of five such vehicles and ten arrests. »

Microsoft Service Scam

By Hugh MacArthur

The Guardia Civil Head Quarters in Coruña has issued a warning to online users concerning a Microsoft Service scam. »

Irishmen & Tarmac Scam

By Hugh MacArthur

Two Irishmen have been arrested in La Almunia de Doña Godina (Zaragoza), suspected of carrying out a "tarmac scam." »

Endesa Bill Phishing

By Editor

The police are asking members of the public to be alert for an online scam (phishing) involving Endesa bills. »

No Heineken Freebies!

By Martin Myall

Online scams are abundant; everything from Nigerian princes wanting to give you a cut of their wealth, to duff online purchases. Here's the latest. »

The Rubber Cheque Scam

By Martin Myall

(ESP05) There have been a couple of cases where restaurants in Granada have received a cheque from a British person as part of a scam. »

Bogus Endesa Visits

By Vivienne Hughes

(FVM) We’ve all heard about bogus gasmen who target pensioners, either by carrying out inspections then charging ridiculous amounts, or stealing valuables, but here's new scam. »

Bogus BBC Scam?

By Martin Myall

I don't know how many other people have received this questionable BBC email, but in case you still haven't, perhaps a word of caution will come in handy. »

Endesa Electrician Scam

By Hugh MacArthur

This time it was con artists mascarading as electricitians from Sevillana-Endesa operating in Nerja and targeting elderly foreign residents. »

Despicable Him

By Martin Myall

The ‘man of a thousand tumours,’ Paco Sanz, who made repeated social-media appeals for money for treatment, has been rumbled, bringing a damning video to light. »

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