A Spate of Burglaries

Well, there is evidently more than one burglar at work in Salobreña.

SAL Scene of a Burglary FB24There appears to be a wave of burglaries and the opposition party, the PP, has voiced its concern over the number of incidents both in cortijos, as well as the centre of town in the last few months.

The PP considers that the PSOE, Ciudadanos, Convergencia Andaluza, as well as Izquierda Unida, “Are not giving this affair, which is causing great concern amongst residents, the maximum priority it deserves,” adding, “We need to find an immediate solution and act with more means so that this can be a safe municipality.”

Consequently, the PP has called on the Mayor, Pedro Javier Ortega (PSOE) and his coalition partners to urgently form a board of party spokespersons to unanimously call upon the Subdelegción del Gobierno for more means and personnel “in order to eradicate the existing insecurity within the municipality.”

Since the month of November there have been 26 break-ins and nine failed attempts, in the areas of Matagallares, Cota 200 and around a score more in the Old Town along Calle Carmen, Calle Cristo, Calle Mariano, as well as in Lobres.

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