No Electric Scooters on Buses

As of the 1st of January, you can't take an electric scooter on public transport throughout Andalucía.

GRA Killed on Electric Scooter 01SP23In other words, that includes, metro and buses. This is the same as similiar restrictions imposed in other parts of Spain; i.e., in other autonomic regions, as well as in other European countries.

At the moment this is a temporary measure, which has been provoked by a number of cases of the batteries on these vehicles catching light.

It was also adapted because of a decision made by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT). As of the 21st of January, only electric scooters that have the correct safety certificate will be allowed on the roads.

However, this restriction will not affect these vehicles that were purchased before the 21st of January 2024; they will be allowed to circulate until 2027.

Lastly,  since the 12th of December, the national rail service, Renfe, had banned them on all trains.

(News/Noticias: Andalucia)

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