Potholer Rescued

The Guardia Civil were called in to rescue a potholer who had suffered an accident and couldn't get back out of the cave.

GRA Sima Santa Raja AtarfeThe 45-year-old man had been exploring a cave known as Raja Santa within the municipality of Atarfe yesterday together with other potholers.

The Granada-based, Grupo de Rescate e Intervención en Montaña (mountain rescue service) was despatched by the emergency coordination centre (112) after receiving a call for assistance from the potholer’s companions.

The caller explained that his colleague had a dislocated shoulder and they were unable to get him out owing to the vertical ascent to the cave mouth.

The 3-man rescue team entered the cave, strapped the victim’s arm up and proceeded to extract him from the cave, which was no easy task as the entrance was very narrow.

As it was impossible to get a normal ambulance to the area where the cave is, they drove him in their own vehicle to the Hospital de Traumatología in Granada.

(News/Noticias: Atarfe, Vega, Granada, Andalucia – Photo: Grupo de Espeleólogos Granadinos)

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