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Dopey Dope

GRA Dopey Dope

(FVM) Two men in Atarfe aged 22 and 25 were arrested by the Guardia Civil, suspected of arson and offences against public health – they also had to be rescued from a fire of their own making.

Six Years for Making Too Much Noise

The Provincial Law Court of Granada has sentenced a bar owner in Atarfe to six years’ imprisonment for excessive and continual noise pollution. And just in case you think the magistrate has a soft spot for proprietor, he also has to pay 24,000 euros in compensation.

Not An Easy Victim

On the one hand, we have a 61-year-old woman, armed with a broom, and on the other, a 51-year-old thief armed with a knife. The latter lost the encounter.


A couple were arrested for allegedly kidnapping a dog and demanding 200 euros from the owner for its return.