Motril’s Alcoholera Plans

The Town Hall has long had plans for the old factory, La Alcoholera, and now things are moving with leisure facilities and housing.

MOT AlcoholeraThis area (MOT-8) has two projects, one of which will allow the Parque de los Pueblos de América to grow at the southern end and a new barrio will spring up consisting of 690 dwellings.

There will also be new public parking and green areas and a leisure/shopping area, as well as a hotel.

The construction of this large hotel is set to begin in 2025 but first the Town Hall has to put in the surface & underground infrastructure: streets, lighting, mains water, sewage and mains electricity.

The same Plenary Meeting that approved all this also awarded a lease to Carbrimo S.L. to build a shopping & leisure centre.

The old factory will be restored for cultural use. The administrative groundwork for this was lengthy because the old factory and its outer building are listed so their facades must be preserved.

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