Honesty over Poverty

Africans have to put up with a lot; being looked down on, forced to take any job, under any work conditions, to make ends meet, so meet Gora.

Gora is a 35-year-old senegalese man who found a wallet in the Churriana de La Vega medical centre. It had 75 euros in it and lottery tickets, as well as personal ID and bankcards.

Those 75 euros would sure have come in handy, making a big difference in his monthly bills, etc, but they weren’t his and he had been brought up to be honest, so he decided to hand the wallet in.

First he tried the Town Hall but being a weekend (a Saturday, to be more precise) it was closed until Monday so he handed it in to the Policía Local. The owner was found and contacted and the wallet returned. He has every intention, he says, of repaying Gora’s  honesty.

Gora has lived in Spain for the last 15 years and managed to obtain his much prized residency papers etc five years ago. He generally works as a farm labourer, the last work being on a strawberry farm. However he has had no work for the last month.

“I’m looking to see if I can find work and I have a little saved but when that dries up, I won’t have money for food or pay bills,” he explained.

Editorial comment: whenever I see an African immigrant, hawking wares in the sweltering sun, I think of the Europeans you see with their hands out sitting next to supermarket entrances and think how unjust it is that these hard workers from the South, who have everything against them find work here whilst those that come from the privileged north can’t be bothered to find jobs.

(News: Churriana de La Vega, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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