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Tell-Tale Telephone

GRA Phone on the Floor

It’s probably a wise choice to leave all forms of identification, including your mobile phone, behind when you intend to carry out a burglary. Some crooks seemingly disagree.

Santas on Motorbikes

GRA 600 Santas

Your grandchildren probably wonder how Santa manages to cover the whole world on his own, but they needn’t because there were over 600 Santas in Granada yesterday.

A Twist to the Story

GRA Churriana de la Vega Gasolinera 01

It’s time to eat our hat here in the Seaside Gazette because thieves that we proclaimed as ‘not very bright’ turned out to be the opposite.

Six Years for Double Kidnapping

The eight people that confessed to kidnapping a woman and her stepson have accepted the six-year prison sentence for each of them. The Public Prosecutor had originally recommended a 21-year sentence for two of them but a deal was struck with the defence lawyer.