Go Slow, Go Local

It's easy to get sucked into convenience shopping in shopping centres like Nevada or supermarkets like Mercadona but buying locally can be rewarding.

GRA LEC Local Business PromotionYou go to your local baker and you know that you’re going to get good-quality loaves that don’t turn into rubber within 24 hours and you can buy a leg of lamb in your local butcher and you know that it’s good quality too. Go to a small greengrocer and buy locally grown produce.

The baker in Nigüelas is renowned for its cakes and the butcher in Talará have customers who driver in from nearby villages for their meats & delicatessen. If you want breakfast with a smile then there’s the very popular Azahara in Dúrcal. It’s all there so why not support your local businesses?

You’ve heard of slow cooking to bring out the best flavours, well slow shopping, away from the rivers of shoppers in malls, is a treat, as well.

Here is a list of 30-odd businesses belonging to the Agrupación de Comercios de Dúrcal:

1.Atmosfera Sport Dúrcal, 2. La factori, 3.Confitería Carmen, 4.Cocina Con Encanto, 5.Bar Cafetería La Chula, 6. Óptica Valle Visión, 7. Modas Bimba, 8. NutritiON, 9.Centro de Estética Elisa, 10. Librería Sol, 11. Fina Pumuki, 12. Peluquería Beatriz, 13. Mercería~Lencería Triz, 14. Rest.El Molino del Puente, 15. Pequetreke moda, 16. Peluqueria Maite, 17. Verso By Rose, 18. Herbolario Pilar, 19. Relojeria San Juan, 20. M°Ángeles Valdes moda, 21. Estética Avanzada Inés Melguizo, 22. Sala Norte 47, 23. Deportes Líder, 24. Floristeria Jardimar, 25. K-M-DIEZ.(tiendas de moda), 26. Cristina’s, 27. PEYVI. Virtu, 28. Zapaterias Cálzate, 29. Calzado y Modas La Pitica, 30. Librería Duende, 31. Pan y azúcar and 32. Pasteleria Los Manjares.

(News: Durcal, Valle de Lecrín, Granada, Andalucia)

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