Tardy Justice

An elderly man was attacked by a dog in the vega of Granada and although not bitten, he injured his leg - it was in 2016 and the court case has just come up.

GRA Santa Fe Law CourtThe judge awarded him just over 3,000 euros in compensation although he won’t received it; his inheritors will, as he had died in the meantime.

The owner of the large dog had denied that it was his property – it didn’t have a chip. However, the Guardia Civil who inspected the area where the attack occurred came across a hut on open ground belonging to a local builder used to store tools.

The officers interviewed the person in charge of looking after the storage who said that he was also in charge of looking after the guard dogs – the man was none other than the person who later denied owning the dogs.

The case began in 2017 with a hearing at the Court of First Instance in Santa Fe and the judge came down on the side of the plaintiff but the accused took the case to a higher court but also lost the appeal.

(News: Santa Fe, Vega, Granada, Andalucia)

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