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Almost Washed Away

GRA Vega Car Swept Away by Flood FB24

Heavy rainfall and people not used to riverbeds having flood water in them often combine to produce rescue situations, which was the case in Santa Fe on Friday.

Fatal Distraction

GRA CM Fatal Impatience Autovia Accident DC23

These accidents took place on Tuesday and in one of them a driver died. They happened on the A-92 near Santa Fe with the second one caused by the tailback created by the first.

Tardy Justice

GRA Santa Fe Law Court

An elderly man was attacked by a dog in the vega of Granada and although not bitten, he injured his leg – it was in 2016 and the court case has just come up.

Bob, A Toke & A Cock

GRA El Gallo Headstone

Settle down, we haven’t gone full porn because ‘Cock’ refers to a ‘Cockerel,’ or better said, El Gallo. But read on and all will be clarified.

Two Road Accidents

GRA Guejar Sierra Accident 8OC22

The first road accident occurred on Friday the 7th within the municipality of Santa Fe, whilst the second, Saturday the 8th, occurred in Güéjar Sierra.

Unwanted Spring Festival

GRA Hippy Festival 01 OnL

Each year over the decades literally thousands of young (and not so young) people turned up in Órgiva for a macro, open-air fiesta to celebrate the arrival of Spring.