The Damned Dust!

We're not talking about calima but about the dirt and dust being literally dumped on people's doorstep in Almuñécar.

ALM Peñuelas Dirt Dumping JL22Now the socialist councillor and Spokeswoman for the PSOE, Rocío Palacios, is demanding that the Mayor stop the building work that is creating these impossible living conditions for the people in houses in the Peñuela area, up from where the Santa Cruz earth-moving work is taking place.

“We cannot understand how the municipal administration is allowing this to go on right next to housing,” she said, even putting into doubt that this practice is even legal.

She went on to say that urban expansion cannot go ahead at the cost of residents’ quality of life and that the dumping of excavated earth should be done in the proper place and in the proper manner.

She concluded by saying that if the new mayor does not halt work immediately on the construction site, where the whole hillside is being terraced to make way for a housing project, then she would report him to a higher administration/judicial authorities.

Saturday evening the Mayor went on Twitter to announce the following:

“As soon as I had news of this situation yesterday, I gave the order for construction work to stop. I explained the necessity to the company for them to remove all the dumped earth next to the housing. I shall hold a meeting on Monday with those in charge of the buiding work so that this does not happen again, as it is unacceptable and prejudicial to the interests of our municipality.”

Editorial comment: how come that the Mayor only supposedly got wind of what was happening long after it was reported in the press on the 19th? We covered it on the 20th. How come two of the opposition parties had to complain in the press about it long before the Mayor eventually took steps? At least one resident in the affected housing went to the site office and complained three months ago but was told that it would be sorted when they had finished.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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