Maritime Flare Washed Up

The Policía Nacional had to clear and cordon off the main beach in Torrenueva Costa after a potentially dangerous object was found yesterday.

ALM Explosive DeviceSeveral residents had seen the object up against a wheelie bin and informed the police. The officers upon seeing it got everybody off the beach immediately.

The bomb disposal squad, Tedax, rolled up to examine the explosive device, which they identified as a maritime flare with American markings (US Navy)

A few days ago, parts of one of these flares appeared in Salobreña near the Policía Local offices, where somebody had left it. It was carted off by the Guardia Civil to be disposed off in a quarry.

It is likely that both artefacts came from the same naval exercise. These flares generate around 2,000ºC when they go off, owing to their phosphorous content, so they’re not exactly toys.

Back in Torrenueva; the police received news of its existence around 17.30h. On the beach at the time were about 20 beach users, all of whom were asked to pack up and leave the area.

There was a similar incident about two years ago in Salobreña, which were reported on.

(News: Torrenueva Costa, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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