Los Guájares Fire Suspect

The Guardia Civil are investigating a possible suspect thought to have been behind the fire last month in Los Guájares area of the Costa Tropical.

GRA Seprona 400x250The 49-year-old farmer was in the area of the fire (La Toba in the Sierra de Los Guájares) on the day of the fire, cutting and burning wild sugar cane on his farmland. When he had finished he left the area thinking that the bonfire was out… it was not.

The Guardia Civil explained that during the evening the wind had got up and blown life back into the embers, resulting in a third of a hectare of cane, grass and mountain brush being consumed.

A Seprona patrol from the Motril Guardia Civil post went to inspect the area once it was declared extinguished where they determined the point of combustion; i.e., exactly where it started.

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For this reason the owner of the land came under investigation who could face a charge of gross negligence for not having carried out the obligations contained within a permit to burn agricultural waste.

It is calculated that 95% of all forest fires are caused by the hand of Man; in most cases through negligence.

(News: Los Guájares, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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  1. Patrick Barry storey
    May 15, 2022 at 11:33 am

    I had a grandstand view of one a few days ago. Amazing how high the flames shoot with a bit of wind. This was just beyond the council yard, by the tight bend in the road. Outskirts of Salobrena. One fire engine. I think in the UK they have 6 or 7 to a crew. Here it seems just 2. Still very impressive work by the fire personal and very scary for the casa owners.

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