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Costa Population Fluctuations

By Vivienne Hughes

The population on the Costa Tropical is fluctuating, with some towns increasing in population whilst other decrease. »

A Day Out in Guájar Alto

By Martin Myall

I love the Guájares; it's like visiting the Alpujarras without having to travel all the way up there - rubbish you say! I'll explain. »

Death in Los Guájares

By Vivienne Hughes

A 54-year-old man in Los Guájares died this weekend after falling out of a tree and down a barranco. »

Guajares Fire Extinguished

By Hugh MacArthur

The fire in the Los Guajares was declared ‘extinguished' by infoca on Monday the 11th around 12.00h. »

The Vicissitudes of Fate

By Martin Myall

When 34-year-old Juan Antonio was bouncing down an almost sheer cliff in his lorry to the sea 70 metres below, he probably wasn't feeling very positive. »

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