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Cantalobos Grass Fire

LHR Fire Cuesta Cordobilla

The Almuñécar fire service, backed by Infoca assets, were busy towards the end of last month putting out a hill fire in the Cuesta Cordobilla/ Cantalobos above La Herradura.

Party Time in Torrecuevas

ALM Torrecuevas Fiesta 2

The residents of the Almuñécar district of Torecuevas will be celebrating their VII Cultural Coexistence Fiesta this evening. It’s really an extension of the Fiesta de la Candelaria (Candlestick Party), also known as the Night of the Lights.

San Juan Almunecar 2011

San Juan is a youngster’s festival – if you’re in your late teens or twenties, on the beach is a must on the night of San Juan. But it’s not exclusively theirs, because it is also the night for whole families. Childhood memories are always full of this magic night of towering bonfires and partying. Admittedly, parents of kids up to around eight will probably go home soon after the main bonfire is light at midnight, rather than spending the night camped out, but the rest stay, to witness dawn before finally crashing out.