Almuñecar Hill Fire

Infoca was called out to tackle a fire within the municipality of Almuñécar yesterday in the hills behind Velilla-Taramay.

ALM Marcus Hill Fire 01Some thirty Infoca personnel were deployed on the Loma del Gato which is on the other side of the A-7 coastal autovía.

The alert came at 14.31h and soon three helicopters were at the scene, some as ground-personnel transport and others as water bombers with underslung, water loads, mixed with fire retardents.

By 17.30h that same afternoon between the air units and the ground personnel backed by fire trucks, the fire was declared “controlado” meaning that it was no longer spreading and its perimeter was being reduced to tackle the last flames.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia- Photo: Marcus X Jay)

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  1. December 5, 2021 at 10:36 am

    I took some pictures of the fire above Almuñécar from Playa de Cabria just after 14:30h yesterday.

    I noticed from the beach that it started with a big plume of black smoke (something other than scrubbrush or dry wood).

    I ran and told a waiter at Restaurante Tito Yayo (who seemed quite skeptical). After I convinced him to follow me out to the beach, we saw orange flames above 2 stories tall (a house near the flames helped gain that perspective). Then, he hustled back to the restaurant to call it in.

    I watched the flames race up the hill along the Western flank. The smoke was a brownish, gray color. Which made sense as it appeared to be climbing through open scrubland. The flames were blazing quite tall just next to a house up near the crestline (just on its East side) within 10 minutes of my first sighting of smoke. The wind was blowing about 5 mph just then. About that time, two fire engines were visible, climbing the winding road up to the fire.

    Shortly thereafter, the Eastern flank of flames grew very high (still down lower on the slope). It looked as if they had been making their way across a channel. So, that flank appeared to flare up all of the sudden.

    Now, the flames on the Western flank appeared below the house mentioned before. Then, they started climbing up the hill. Fortunately, at this time to wind had dropped to almost nothing.
    About 10 minutes later, a yellow helicopter arrived from the East. It surveyed the fire. Then, it lowered its red “Bambi” bucket (that’s it’s name in the States). And went off to get water. (I didn’t actually see it scoop the water.)

    Great plumes of grayish white steam came from the Western area near the ridgeline. so, the firefighters were pouring water on the flames nearest the threatened houses.

    After a few minutes, the work of the firefighters, the lack of more hill to climb, and the low winds seemed to indicate that the fire could be controlled. The flames all reduced along the flanks.
    I have a number of photos. You can see the flames and smoke lines on the Western and Eastern flanks of the fires.

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