Hiccups in the Country

Doing anything today? No? Then why not pop up to the Vino Nuevo 2021, up behind Almuñécar/Herradura in the Escuelas de Los Martínez in Río Seco?

ALM Los MartinezIt’s that magical time of the year – no, I don’t mean Christmas – when this year’s grape harvest has matured sufficiently to enliven a table set with raw broad beans and salted cod or a few slithers of salted belly pork fat! Sod the doctor! (apologies, Axel and Wolfgang).

Yes, this yearly event is, as always, held in the suitable setting of five houses, two tractors, eleven barking dogs and a partridge in a larder, more commonly known as the cortijada de Los Martínez.

Organised by Convergencia Andaluza and presided over by Juan Carlos ‘Bacchus’ Benavides, the wine-judging competition starts at 11.00h and finishes with the last man standing – just joking!

Local brews from the Verde, Seco and Jate river valleys will be submitted in the quantity of a 5-litre bottle or five standard wine bottles.

Whatever gets past the judging panel – hopefully, most of it – will be given to the general public.

The judging begins at 12.00h and by 13.00h the winners will be announced and prizes handed out – brush up on your slurred Andaluz.

There will also be country fayre in the form of chorizo, morcilla and panceta, etc for a modest price.

When all has been consumed and the occasion concluded, everybody will be given a 15-minute head start to head home whilst the Policía Local mop up any wine left on the tables and then provide chase. Hiding at the bottom of barrancos is considered cheating, even if it was involuntary.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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