Motril Market Controversy

The renovation work going on within the Motril municipal market has produced a spat of narky exchanges between the governing and opposition parties.

MOT Market Renovation Work NV21The chief opposition party, the PSOE (socialists) claim that stallholders and customers are “annoyed” over “drawn out building work.”

The said work has been going on for over a year. Furthermore, the PSOE claims that the market users are not too keen on how it is shaping up, either.

The Socialists say that what draws their attention most is the “apparent [building work] paralisis” on the second floor where there are empty stalls despite people showing interest in taking on one.

The Councillor for Urban Planning, Nicolás Navarro, on the other hand, explained that the renovation work “has increased the appeal of the market which has produced interest amongst investors,” and that once the renovation work is complete, the Town Hall will “study offers from those interested in the upper-floor stalls in the Gourmet Area.”

Councillor Navarro regrets that the PSOE were not capable of carrying out this project [when they held the mayoralty] despite their announcing it on several occasions, he claims, leaving the task up to his administration.

He also assures that the renovation work is in its final stage, which comprises of more embellishment jobs than structural ones.

The renovation work on the Motril Municipal Market, which was built in 1955, has a budget of around 1.5m euros, which aims to leave the actual building as it is but completely renovate the installations within.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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