Two Sea Rescues

A craft under the name of Guiomar Uno, found itself in difficulties and had to be taken under tow yesterday and 24 people in a RIB were also rescued.

TNC Sacratif Lighthouse faroThe stricken boat had suffered a fire in the engine/motor not far off the Cabo de Sacratif (where the lighthouse stands).

An emergency call was made and the Centro de Coordinación de Salvamento Marítimo were informed, which sent out one of its rescue launches, Salvamar Gienah, based in Motril.

The rescue launch soon located the vessel and fixed a line to tow it into Motril Port. Nobody on board had been injured..

Meanwhile, Salvamento Marítimo rescued 24 people in the early hours of today just off the coast of Granada. Those rescued had crossed over from North Africa, amongst them minors.

There RIB was located by Salvamar Gienah around five in the morning and by 05.30h they had been transferred to Motril Port where Cruz Roja was waiting to attend to them, giving them medical inspections and hot food.

Later this morning they were given PCRs and when the results are known they will taken to the Centro de Acogida Temporal, which is a temporary holding centre within Motril Port.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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