Guardia Civil Tattoos Allowed?

The Interior Ministry has withdrawn the prohibition, contained within a Royal Decree that would have prohibited Guardia Civil officers from sporting tattoos in full view.

SPN Guardia CivilThe decree concerning uniform dress was to forbid officers from having tattoos on their heads, necks and hands; i.e., where they can be seen.

The Consejo de Estado (Council of State), which is the supreme consultative council for the Spanish Government, backed the prohibition of visible tattoos because these marking used to be almost exclusively used by convicts and the criminal underworld in general, which would cause confusion amongst the population upon seeing a Guardia Civil officer with a tattoo on his or her hand, for example, because it is well known that criminals have been known to use Guardia Civil clothing items (bulletproof vests etc) and fake identification in order to deceive their victims.

At the same time the Consejo de Estado recognised that times have moved on and that tattoos have become popular and in wide use by both sexes. But even so, they recommended that they should be prohibited to avoid confusion and that officers who had tattoos already should be given one year to have them removed.

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Therefore, despite the Consejo’s advice to prohibit such body markings, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has now decided to eliminate this prohibition within the new, regulation, dress code for the Guardia Civil that had forbidden tattoos on visible parts of the body when in uniform.

During the Armed Forces Day in Málaga, the Commanding Officer of the Guardia Civil, María Gámez, said that she hopes that norms concerning tattoos within the Royal Decree on Uniform Dress, will be approved soon, because it will be a “big step,” as officers will be able to have tattoos without limitation as long as it is not detrimental to the good standing of the corps and respects the Spanish Constitution as long as they are “limited to determined areas that are not incompatible with the principles of authority.”

Editorial note: so as to clear up any confusion: the Central Government is composing a Royal Decree on uniform dress code for the Guardia Civil which opposed visible tattoos. The state council (which is the top consultive body for the Central Government) backed this prohibition. However, now the Minister of the Interior wants this prohibition eliminated from the coming Royal Decree.

(News: Spain)

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