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Almuñécar Paragliding Accident

By Vivienne Hughes

A man was injured yesterday in a paragliding accident in Almuñécar in the area known as Loma del Gato. »

Paraglider Down in Ítrabo

By Vivienne Hughes

A paraglider enthusiast made a forced landing in Ítrabo yesterday resulting in injuries. »

Paraglider Rescued from Tree

By Martin Myall

A German, paragliding enthusiast came down in a tree in Velilla, next to the church, around 16.00h this afternoon. »

Paraglider Paseo Crash Landing

By Hugh MacArthur

A paraglider enthusiast made an emergency landing on the Paseo de Velilla in Almuñécar yesterday afternoon. »

Paraglider Dies in Accident

By Hugh MacArthur

Around 14.00h yesterday afternoon a German paraglider met his death in a flying accident caused by his lines tangling. »

Paraglider Perishes in The Sea

By Martin Myall

A foreign paragliding enthusiast perished on Thursday after coming down in the sea in La Herradura at the Caleta end of the bay. »

Almuñécar Paragliding Death

By Vivienne Hughes

There is still very little information but what we do know is that a paragliding pilot died as a result of an accident yesterday afternoon in Almuñécar. »

Swiss Paraglider Rescued from Sea

By Hugh MacArthur

A Swiss paraglider came down in the sea off Velilla in Almuñécar yesterday afternoon. Luckily a bather fished the paraglider pilot out of the sea, safe and sound. »

Paraglider Blunder

By David Darby

Unfortunately, today Tuesday 18th April, a Spanish pilot misjudged his approach to Velilla Beach in Almuñécar and ended up, dangling from a tree. »

Otivar Paragliding Accident

By Martin Myall

Just before 16.00h a Polish paraglider misjudged his landing above Otívar and came down in a barranco - a large turn out of the emergency services took part in his rescue. »

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