Salobreña Vial Verde Fire

A fire broke out amongst bullrushes off the Camino del Molino yesterday evening in Salobreña, close to the Vial Verde.

SAL Palm Tree Fire 04AP21The fire started just before 19.00h, clearly visible from Costa Aguilera, the flames increasing as the fire consumed three palm trees. The fire was mostly fueled by cane and bullrush, though.

The Guardia Civil closed the Camino del Molino to be on the safe side but many curious locals gathered on the edge of the new park Vial Verde to get a closer look.

At 21.00h the fire service considered that the fire, which had been spreading north-eastwards, was “under control” but the situation was not helped by gusting winds.

Editorial comment: bullrushes are not that combustible so perhaps it’s strange that the fire should start amongst them?

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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