A Half-Hearted Strike

The planned strike at the Sierra Nevada ski resort yesterday went ahead but with few workers actually following this industrial action.

GRA Sierra NevadaAccording to the company that runs the ski installations, Cetursa, 127 of the 139 employees turned up for work – the strike was amongst employees working the cable cars and ski lifts. The result was not many skiers noticed that there was a strike going on.

But the strike did have an affect on skiers because many didn’t bother to go up, forewarned that there would be a strike, so whereas there were 6,500 skiers using the slopes on Easter Friday, on the day of the strike to 3,685 skiers by one in the afternoon.

As for the ski lifts and cable cars, around 11.00h in the morning 13 of the 15 were fully functioning. The remaining two were put to use as the day progressed.

Although there was a strike picket at the foot of one of the cable cars, there were also about 50 business owners/workers facing them, who clapped and cheered when the first cabin went up at 08.30h.

The union representative for the CCOO, Octavio Polo, calculated, however, that the strike had enjoyed around 50% backing by workers. The Head for the strike committee pointed out that their intention was not to cause harm to businesses on Pradollano or the ski resort as a whole, and much less to the skiers and other visitors to Sierra Nevada because the strike was about providing a better service and safety guarantee.

Cetursa intends for the Sierra Nevada ski resort to continue to run for at least another two weeks – some ski resorts elsewhere in the country will be closing for the season tomorrow.

The representatives for business on Pradollano, such as shops, accommodations and restaurants etc, considered the strike action as “totally irresponsible and inopportune.” He said that the hope that they had held out that Easter would bring a little relief to the dire situation has been “tarnished” by the strike.

(News: Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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