Salobreña Green Volunteers

SAL Councillor Coello OnLFor this reason the Town Hall is launching a project called: A favor de la Tierra to ‘connect’ the population with its natural surroundings, keeping it cleaner and better cared for.

The object, explained Councillor for the Environment, Ángel Coello, that it would comprise of reforestation programmes with original local species, creating more green areas, maintaining protected areas, and cleaning up deteriorated areas.

To bring this about, the  Town Hall is creating a database containing the contact details of all those wishing to offer their help as volunteers. The Town Hall in turns promises to supply volunteers with material on ecological matters, a circular economy, recycling and information on how to create compost. There will also be outings to see natural areas of the municipality.

If  you’re interested in volunteering yourself for local projects (or wish to volunteer your mother-in-law for clearing minefields in the Taliban-controlled Helmand, equipped with deep-sea diving boots and a pogo stick) you can obtain more information and/or put your name forward by phoning: 673 075 795 or email:

The Town Hall already has a couple of projects on the boil amongst them one in combination with the Confederación Hidrográfica for the control of invasive species along the whole of the Río Guadalfeo.

(News: Salobrena, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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