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A Dog Park for Almuñécar

By Hugh MacArthur

Work began during the last week of November on providing Almuñécar with a canine park; in other words a park where you can take you mutt for a walk. »

Anything to Declare?

By Vivienne Hughes

A gimmick this August in Almuñécar is the Aduana SOStenible, which is a play on words, but basically means Sustainable Customs. »

Salobreña Pet Deaths

By Vivienne Hughes

The Ciudadanos political party in Salobreña has expressed its concern over the deaths of several pets around town within a short space of time. »

Almuñécar/Herradura Illegal Dumping

By Martin Myall

The Almuñécar Councillor for the Environment, together with the FCC cleaning company, has reported an increase in illegal dumping. »

Economy over Environment?

By Martin Myall

The Spanish Government opposes the EU move to limit a toxic element present in fertilisers because of adverse economic affects. »

Untreated Sewage Ignored

By Hugh MacArthur

According to an ecologist group, the Almuñécar Town Hall was informed in July 2016 that chalets on the Punta were behind the appearance of untreated sewage on a public footpath. »

Just in Time

By Hugh MacArthur

The Motril Councillor for Agriculture, Gloria Chica, announced on the 17th that the Rambla de las Brujas had been cleared, just days before rains coming. »

Almuñécar Animal Shelter Needed

By Louise Powell

APAMA is the result of several like-minded individuals coming together to do something about abandoned dogs, cruelty to animals and to foster a better care of our environment. »

Medication vs. The Environment

By Wolfgang K Piller MD

For some years now a new research area is looking at the question of how medications influence the environment in general, simply through persisting in soil and water. »

Salobreña Town Hall vs. Cepsa

By Vivienne Hughes

The Town Hall of Salobreña has demanded that the municipal cleaning company, Cepsa, carries out all the conditions laid out in its contract. »

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