Patient Provokes Hospital Fire

The man who was arrested for allegedly setting light to his hospital room in Hospital Puerta del Mar (Cádiz) on a floor destined for Covid-19 patients, has died from his illness.

AND Patient Sets Fire to HospitalRafael Guillermo Romero Fernández (63), who had been gravely ill from a Covid infection, died five days after the fire from cardiac arrest, whilst being treated in a security ward of Hospital de Puerto Real.

The other patients were at first going to be evacuated and transferred to another hospital (San Carlos de San Fernando), but in the end the were only transferred to another floor.

The suspect reportedly used surgical alcohol (hand gel) to start the fire around 19.30h and had it not been for the rapid intervention of the emergency services there could have been casualties.

Fortunately, the swing doors along the corridors prevented the fire and smoke from spreading, so the whole hospital didn’t need to be evacuated.

Rafael was tracked down to a higher floor where he was found hiding.

He was hospitalised at the end of January over a severe, liver condition. However, when they carried out a PCR it was found that he was also infected with Covid-19.

(News: Cadiz, Andalucia)

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