Motril, Franco and his Medal

MOT Franco's Medal 02In the days of the Franco regime in Spain, Motril awarded a gold medal to the dictator. However, many have called for this honour to be withdrawn… now that you can’t be shot for doing so.

The IU-Equo councillor for Motril, Jose Llorente, is not happy that the Provincial Public Prosecutor has decided that the law that requires all regime statues, emblems, etc to be removed, does not affect the gold medal.

According to the councillor the Ley 52/2007, Article 5.1 establishes that: “Public administrations will take the necessary measures for the retrieval of shields, insignia, plaques and other objects or commemorative mentions that exalts personally or collectively the military coup, the civil war or repression during the dictatorship.”

However, the Public Prosecutor considers that the ruling concerning  Memoria Histórica y Democrática does not include an obligation for the withdrawal of medals issued by towns or that the failure to do so would be a prosecutable offence.

“It is obvious that maintaining the continue existence of medal in the dictator’s honour constitutes a personal-commemorative expression of exaltation of the uprising and the subsequent repression, therefore, it should be withdrawn in line with the law,” said the councillor.

The councillor is not letting it rest there and is considering bringing the case before a higher court.

Editorial comment: logically, you cannot but agree with the councillor’s reasoning, given the wording of the law. One suspects that as the office of Public Prosecutor is a political appointment the person occupying the post might be letting his personal political leanings influence what should surely be a purely a judicial consideration.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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