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Mortgage Floor Clauses

On the 21 December 2016, the European Court of Justice produced a Judgment, in relation to mortgage loans and the limitations set by the Spanish Supreme Court, regarding the unfair practice of clauses relating to minimum interest rates.

The European Certificate of Succession

August 17, 2015 marked the introduction of new European rules (regulation 650/2012), that introduced a number of important developments in inheritance law, which will be applicable in the European Union (with the exception of the UK, Ireland and Denmark)

Holiday Rentals in Andalusia

The law referring to the house rental market that was passed in 2013 i.e. the well-known “law on flexibility and promotion of the housing rental market” (in Spanish Ley de medidas de flexibilización y fomento del mercado del alquiler de viviendas) has been already launched in many autonomous regions in Spain.

New Fiscal Reform 2015

2015 will be a year of change from a fiscal point of view. While there will be many fiscal reductions, there are areas where taxation rates will increase. Below is an overview of these changes