A Dog, A Goat & Problems

SPN Goat Dog Owner RescueIf there is one thing that will get your dog into overdrive, it is a goat suddenly appearing from nowhere, thumbing its nose at your startled mutt. It normally ends with a good deal of unforeseen activity.

This was the case with Era, a large dog with a bonhomie character, which was out being walked by its owner in Los Cahorros, in Monachil. A young goat appeared and shot off down a path with Era in hot, tongue-lolling pursuit.

However, the kid decided to hit the 4WD mode and started bounding up a rock face. Era, convinced that it had been a fly in a past life, followed… sort of.

Soon, with the goat disappearing in vertical, afterburn, Era realised that further ascent was not an option and that going back down looked ‘freestyle and painful.’ The owner attempted to reach her but he was clean out of Spiderman impressions and within a short time was also stuck up there, unable to advance or retreat.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) some excursionists passed by and saw man and dog clinging to a rock face. They phoned 112 and before long Guardia Civil, mountain-rescue team were on their way.

But it was not going to be easy to rescue the Dangling Duo… and you can stop those smutty thoughts, immediately!

The human was willing to cooperate but Era was less than helpful, so it was decided to fit a harness to her and swing her up to where the team were. In the end, to get the owner out of the pickle the team had to set up a rope as a handrail and another one for him to walk along like a tightrope walker.

All ended well and even the goat cheered and clapped when the rescued was completed.

(News: Monachil, Sierra Nevada, Granada, Andalucia)

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