Arrested for PCR Forgeries

MOT Policia NacionalA woman was arrested by the Policía Nacional, accused of forging PCR certificates and offering them via Internet.

Taking advantage of the present difficulties to obtain a PCR test and receive the results, the suspect reportedly offered these falsified certificates on sale & purchase webpages at 40 euros each, available within 24 hours and sent to the purchaser’s email address.

The police began investigating at the end of October after the head of a laboratory in Madrid brought the existence of these forged PCR certificates to their attention, as the  forger was using their company name.

The accused stated in her online advert that the PCR certificates were “valid for travelling to any country” and that her previous customers hadn’t had any problems when using them.

The police operation is still in full swing trying to track down the people who have purchased them.

(News: Madrid)

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