Costa Unites against Restrictions

ALM Calle RealThe business associations from Motril, Almuñécar, La Herradura and Salobreña have jointly called upon the Junta to allow them to open their premises. They’re not even asking to be allowed go back to the normal time, but even reduced hours would be something.

Furthermore, they don’t want to be divided between essential and non-essential; they want everybody to be treated equally no matter was products or services they provide.

They also want the same as the Mayor of Motril; that areas of the province be treated differently, according to their contagion figures. The city and its metropolitan area have the highest infections figures so the Costa and Alpujarra should not be lumped in with them when it comes to imposing restrictions.

Next they say that whilst they are forced to remain closed they shouldn’t have to make the monthly social-security payments and taxes. As far as economic aid, they consider the amount already offered to be insufficient.

They made their position known to the Junta via a joint missive, emphasising that the local shopkeeper and hostelry sector has been the hardest hit by the covid restrictions.

These association consider that the propagation of the virus has not been down to their sector, but rather social gatherings which have not been controlled, whereas in bars and restaurants they have been. They include, of course, the irresponsible few (bottelon-goers etc) amongst the “spreaders.”

What’s more they consider that so-called non-essential business (shoe shops, clothes shops, furniture shops, jewellers, bars and dealerships) can not be considered in a negative light and any less “essential” as florists, bookshops, academies or schools.

Finally, they regret that the majority of police control has been on small businesses instead of the large supermarkets for example.

(News: Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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