Regional 24h Contagion Figure

AND Figures 18SP20Today, Andalucía added a further 1,617 Covid-19 cases discovered through PCR testing, which is the second highest daily figure during this virus resurgence. There have also been another six deaths within this 24-hour period.

The province with the most increase in 24 hours is Málaga with 395 cases, followed by Córdoba with 339, Sevilla with 289 and Cádiz with 163.

As for Granada, it had 146, Almería 135 and Jaén 118. In fact, the only province of Andalucia with fewer than 100 cases was Huelva which only had 32.

The figure for a 7-day period was 5,403 diagnosed cases through PCRs, 412 people hospitalised, 28 in the ICU and 63 deaths in the whole of Andalucia)

(News: Andalucia)

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