Almuñécar’s Chameleon Population

ALM Chameleon Population OnLAnd now for something completely different: chameleons, which Almuñécar has a small herd of according to the Councillor for the Environment.

The said councillor, Luis Aragón, thanked farmers and people in general on their walks in the campo, for their photos of specimens together with information about where they saw them.

This information has helped to gather data on the population and what areas around the municipality where they can be found.

The main areas where they have been spotted are: El Zahonado, Barranco de Ítrabo, Río Seco, Gelibra, Barranco Boticario, Río Jate, Los Bañuelos, Cantalobos and Taramay.

Personally, I have seen a couple on the road above Otívar on one of their hesitant outings: “Here I go, no I’m not, here I go, no I’m not, here I go…” They must have eventually made it across with their “one-leg-forward-one-leg-back” progress because I haven’t seen any flat ones mumbling, “bad move.” I have even stopped to pick the blighters up off the road and deposit them beyond the verge.

Anyway! Sr. Aragón reminds us that they are a protected species, so no playing football with them or taking them home as pets.

The I Concurso de dibujo del “Dragón Andaluz”
As part of a campaign to increase awareness concerning these blighters, the Town Hall organised a drawing competition, as titled above, for which they received around 20 drawings sent in by children between four and twelve.

These drawings are on display in the main hall of the Acuario and can be visited up to the 1st of November.

(News: Almunecar, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalucia)

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