Friends of Animals Scam

SPN Bedraggled KittenThe administrator of an animal-protection society in Valencia has been arrested for allegedly embezzling much of the funds sent in as donations.

According to the police, it is thought that the association received around 700,000 euros over two years, of which only between 10% and 15% reached the supposed benefactors of the donations; i.e., the animals.

The police began investigating in January, 2018 and soon confirmed that the accused had set up a social-media account where he published descriptions and photos of injured or infirm animals in their care, requesting donations for the cause. However, he didn’t act alone and counted on two ‘helpers.’

The police investigation deepened by looking into his income and tax returns, which did not balance with the lifestyle led by the accused.

The investigation concluded with three house searches; i.e., the homes of each of the accused and resulted in the arrested of the prime suspect. The other two continue under investigation pending the analysis of computer files belonging to the association.

Editorial comment: although in this case it was a scam, there are many such associations that do an amazing and selfless job rescuing and caring for abandoned and mistreated animals who need your donations. The photo used is from one such association.

(News: Paterna, Valencia)

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